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Have just launched my latest book, ‘Splodge City’  in paperback and kindle format. Followers of this site, may wonder what happened to ‘Billy the Squid’. The answer, in a word - copyright! ‘Splodge City’ is essentially the same story, with a name change to keep it legal. It's an underwater western, so be prepared to meet, Sheriff Wayne Cod, Sharkie McQueen, Lee Marlin, Dishy Snapper, who runs the Spanish Galleon saloon and many other fishy characters. Available at Amazon UK or ISBN-13: 978- 1724484765 for paperback. ASIN: B07H42YSFG for Kindle version. I’ll be putting my details and character profiles on my ‘NEW BOOKS’ page, where it will replace ‘Badman: The Ghost of King John’  [Following: Excerpts from an official review of "Badman:The Ghost of King John" by Peter Tye.] ‘Peter Tye brings history to life in his novel Badman: The Ghost of King John. In an epic tale which crosses through time to medieval England, the story is enthralling from start to finish.’ ‘This was a brilliant, well researched story and I found it very difficult to put down.’ ‘All the characters were three dimensional and realistic, from the main core characters to those who played the smallest part. Nick, at 10 years old is an over enthusiastic history buff who is overjoyed at the fact that he is able to experience history first hand, while Edna as a stoic, no nonsense woman provides a much needed balance to his enthusiasm. Sir Ralph’s character was utilised well to show how many people of medieval England were pulled in multiple directions, sometimes needing to choose between loyalty to the king or the safety of their own family. The amount of research undertaken for this book was very evident in the quality of the portrayal of these characters.’ ‘This book took me completely by surprise with its quality of storytelling. A great book for young and old who are interested in English history and adventure. I look forward to more books from this author.’
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