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For some reason, unknown to a computer illiterate such as myself, visitors to this site may find it impossible to scroll through to the page they wish to view. Should this happen to you, please click on the appropriate  heading on the top of this page. Example: If looking for ‘Little Red Tractor Stories’, click on ‘Younger Children’. A WHITE CHRISTMAS on GOSLING FARM IS A GREAT FAVOURITE FOR THIS TIME OF THE YEAR! AND WITH THE FESTIVE SEASON IN MIND  I have recently published ‘HANGRY BIRDS’  a Christmas fable for ages 6-9 years. ‘The birds in Leo’s garden are hungry and angry because he has broken his promise to feed them. As a lesson he is turned into a robin and taken outside to join the birds on the coldest night of the year. After many feather raising adventures, Leo overcomes the problems of being a robin and comes up with a plan to get food out from the house for himself and his starving friends.’ HANGRY BIRDS IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON UK & AMAZON.COM: ISBN:9798651403356
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