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IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! “A WHITE CHRISTMAS ON GOSLING FARM” The best selling Little Red Tractor book. Click ‘Younger children’on the bar above the crocodile and you will be taken to the appropriate page where you can order with ease from Amazon UK or .com You will also find details of all ten books in the original Little Red Tractor series. NOW FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT. REMEMBER CARY GRANT? This is an image of Cary circa 1972. By that time he had retired from film and was a ‘brand ambassador’ for the Faberge Fragance Company in New York. When he heard that a salesman had been appointed to launch a cheap version of Faberge Brut in the UK he thought it would be a bad move and sent a cryptic wire to George Barrie, owner of the company.                                 - - - WHO JOHN CARDRICK? - - - Just 18 months later, when John Cardrick had trebled the  turnover of Faberge UK and Cary had seen his shares go  through the roof, he was on friendly terms with John and a  big fan.  So who is John Cardrick? John has been a friend  of mine for 60 years. 4 years ago he asked me to write his  biography, I agreed and a mass of documents, press  clippings and photographs began to arrive. What had I  taken on? It was a daunting task which I dipped into but  never got to grips with. Then Covid 19 and lockdown  came along and I had all the time in the world. Wading  through the material, I began to uncover a level of  achievement I was totally unaware of. I  knew of his  association with Faberge and Brut 33, but did not realise  that he was directly responsible for the massive success of  the brand, or that he had collected a number of well  known personalities as friends along the way.  Henry  Cooper, Max Bygraves, Cary Grant, Barry Sheene, Dickie  Davies, Farrah Fawcett, Jimmy Tarbuck and  a host of  others from the Grand Order of Water Rats. Henry Cooper  was King Rat in 1980. It is a truly remarkable life story  which I have attempted to write with pace and humour.  It’s social history spiced with many amusing anecdotes.  When introduced to Prince Philip by Henry Cooper, Philip  said, “Ah, so you’re Mr Smelly.” But John did much more  than make the UK smell better, he subsequently fought a 4  year political battle to sell prescription free reading glasses.  So if you ever pop into a shop to buy a cheap pair of specs,  you have John Cardrick to thank for it.                         John’s story, ‘Splash it all Over’                            is complete and published.     It’s an impressive 9x6 paperback with    over 300 original photographs placed in relevant position within the text. I am told that it is ‘an easy, fun read’ which does not surprise me as it was great fun to research and write. It would make an informative, lively trip down memory lane for anyone over 65.                Only  £ 9.99  It could be that surprise gift you’ve been looking for!                                                  AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON UK  OR  AMAZON.COM                                                        ASIN: B0948XYH9M   
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